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Servicing both individuals and businesses we are storytellers creating video content for the web, for public or private events, tributes and biographies along with offering post production services for television and documentaries. Every person, every company offers a distinct gift to the world. Our work is built on capturing what sets you apart and tailoring the video's style directly to your unique message rather than adhering to a generic one size fits all feel. We bring your vision from the mind's eye to the eyes of the world. 



From web advertising, movie festival promotion to sizzle reels, product promotion or event openers, we help you get your message out there. 


Video is often part and parcel of an event evening. From fundraisers, award shows and public  tributes we have assembled video packages introducing a featured speaker, inspired attendees to contribute or added dynamic and contrast to an evening's program, 


Whether it's paying tribute to a business leader, charitable donor, celebrating a life milestone at an event or quietly remembering a life well lived, we tell your story in a way which rises to the occasion. 






For about a decade Slicing Light Productions has been creating the nomination packages for the Environmental Media Awards. Specific scenes are cut down from minutes to seconds without sacrificing their flow or integrity and assembled together into the nominee introductions we've come to expect at award shows. In this case the adage that "the best edits are the ones you don't see" rings especially true.

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From back story video packages at Dr. Phil to shows like The Dog Whisperer, HowStuffWorks and the E! True Hollywood Story we have a decade and a half experience in post production edit bays working in tight turn around environments distilling excess footage into broadcast material. 


Specializing in short format storytelling Making Of's give the viewer an opportunity to enjoy a bit more of the movie after the movie is over. 


More often than not the story a documentary filmmaker has set out to capture has evolved into something completely unexpected when cameras finish shooting. It is in documentary post production editing where a lion's share of the story's shape takes place. Slicing Light productions is proud to have helped these fine filmmakers take their projects over the finish line to screen in festivals and win awards.


Steve Guttenberg, Zoe Deschanel, Morena Baccarin, Julian Sands, Rebecca Pidgeon, Kate Flannery, and others have come to us along the way in their careers to help them represent their work.



Drawing from a rich background in the creative arts before the year 2000, Jonathan Brock proceeded down a 10 year path editing IMAX trailers and DVD bonus features subsequently landing in post production edit bays for the Discovery and Travel Channels, National Geographic, E! Entertainment, CBS Productions, Brave New Films among others.  

By 2010 his credit list also included award winning documentaries, producing video packages for award shows, large event tributes for non-profits as well as for promotional and website lifestyle platforms.

By rising to the diverse stylistic and storytelling challenges each unique genre presented, over years Slicing Light Productions has developed the capacity to deliver to clients exactly what their unique needs are. From tributes of retiring executives to video presentations at large events, sizzle reels, personal biographies or milestone celebrations, Slicing Light Productions has a track record of delivering on a consistently high level. The common thread through all of our projects is a synergy of industry standard professionalism with narratives as unique as the individual or business being presented. 

Amid the dramatically changing landscape of media distribution Slicing Light Productions continues exploring new territory to broaden the application of visual storytelling. Passion for aesthetic and narrative development remains vibrant and like most good stories is fueled by a fiery curiosity about what's going happen next. 


"Jonathan is an extremely talented and creative editor. He is very resourceful who understands the importance of good structure; tension building and character development while at the same time not deserting the individual qualities of the particular film. I would recommend him for any documentary director seeking to find the story within their material. The film he edited proceeded to win several awards and he is the reason for it. He is professional, great to collaborate with and very trustworthy. I would definitely hire him again, and he is a pleasure to work with.”

Gabriela Bohm - Documentary Filmmaker - The Longing, Raquel- a marked woman


"Jon is a consummate professional: hard-working, dedicated, and detail oriented. He excels in new and creative ways to tell a story and express visual ideas. Under a very tight deadline, Jon created a PSA for me that had to be ready for a showing at the U.N. Jon worked for days, practically non-stop, finishing the project at 5 in the morning and meeting me at the airport in time for my flight to NY. Throughout this high-pressure ordeal, Jon not only kept his cool but continually came up with interesting and creative ideas. No matter how tired he was, the work came first. The PSA was so well received that four years later, it’s still being shown throughout the world. In fact, it was shown on every American Airlines flight for a period of months!  I’ve had equally positive experiences with Jon on various TV shows and commercials. Jon is an all around solid team member for any production.” 

Jon Lapidese - Picture Planet - Producer


"Jonathan's work is AMAZING. Had tears in my eyes. Great quality video. I highly recommend Slicing Light Productions.

Avi Albeck - Moonlight Printing


"I've only known Jonathan a few years but he is  talented and dedicated who really gets the idea of storytelling on a grand scale."

Michael E. Stern Photography and Film Production


“Jonathan, now that the dust has settled I wanted to thank you soooooo much for the incredible job you did for us. Daniels’ Bar Mitzvah montage was one of the highlights of the evening. Daniel had a huge smile on his face the whole time he watched it…. and so did his family!!! I'm not exaggerating when I say it” 

Robert Resnick

"Jonathan Brock is one of the nicest most talented people I've known in my 36 years being in this business... Seriously!"

Frank McMinn - SenovvA - President


”Jonathan is a versatile and gifted video editor. Great under pressure, very creative, knows his way around all of the current formats, including 4K and VR & AR , and is extremely reliable and professional. Jonathan is also a talented musician which comes in handy while posting sensitive music and live performance cuts. Overall a great package for a producer looking to hire the best editor available." 

Richie Namm - Producer, Writer, Director - Providco/Cinemoi N.A.


"Jon is a terrific editor, very creative, attentive to story and detail. His easy going manner made him a joy to work within a very hectic environment."

Lisa DiGiovine - Producer, Writer, Director


"When it comes to tinkering with the keys and coming up with ideas, Jonathan was great having on the team to get our show out. As dependable as they come."

JAMIE SMITH - Co-Executive Producer  - HowStuffWorks


"I really want to thank you for a fantastic job making an outstanding video portrait of my husband, Dr. Jarrold Sherman, for his 70th birthday. It really made the birthday celebration such a meaningful, profound and positive experience. I was particularly thrilled the way you got all the kids to involved in telling stories about their dad."

Anita Sherman


“Jonathan Brock is a pleasure to work with. His laid back attitude and vision is a gift to have when preparing for a montage. His work is unique and his goal is to die you something to be proud of.  He is extremely helpful and insightful when it comes to prepping for the video and his love of music and editing shows through in his work. You would be lucky to hire him. He is wonderful and easy to work with.”

Stacey Demet

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