Living in Europe as a performing musician while also heading the Audio/Video department at Germany's largest digital media career development center, Mediadesign Akademie in Munich, Germany, SLP’s founder Jonathan Brock found fertile ground for learning about the interwoven relationship between aesthetics, storytelling and technology.

Harnessing that experience he founded Slicing Light Productions in 1998 and began work in Los Angeles as a picture editor on countless non-fiction projects. After a four year staff position with Slingshot Entertainment, he began freelance work for CBS Productions, the Discovery, NatGeo and Travel Channels, Brave New Films, E! Entertainment and the Environmental Media Association among others. 

Now, after over a decade and a half cutting documentaries, promotional content, reality television as well as fundraiser tributes, award events and life histories, Slicing Light Productions continues telling stories amid the dramatically changing landscape of motion picture media distribution. Continuing as he began, he is always looking for new territory to broaden the application of visual storytelling. His passion for aesthetic and narrative development in all areas that implement video is backed by experience and like most good stories, fueled by a fiery curiosity about what's going happen next.