Drawing from a rich background in the creative arts before the year 2000, Jonathan proceeded down a 10 year path editing IMAX trailers and DVD bonus features subsequently putting him in post production television for the Discovery and Travel Channels, National Geographic, E! Entertainment, CBS Productions, Brave New Films among many others.  

By 2010 his credit list of projects also included award winning documentaries, producing video packages for award shows, large event tributes for non-profits as well as for promotional and website lifestyle platforms.

Harnessing the experience garnered from many years in high pressure work environments while rising to the very wide variety of stylistic and storytelling demands each genre presented has enabled Slicing Light Productions to deliver to clients the highly individual results many clients seek. It's about bringing out the essence of what they are looking for, the ability to let authenticity in messaging completely rule the day over any formulaic or generic feel.

From personal tributes of retiring executives, video presentations at large events, nomination packages at award shows to web promotions, business profiles, sizzle reels, personal biographies and milestone celebrations, Slicing Light Productions has a very wide client base. What ties them all together is a synergy of industry standard professionalism with narratives as unique as the individual or business being presented. 

Amid the dramatically changing landscape of media distribution Slicing Light Productions continues creating compelling content using the medium of the moving picture. After almost two decades in the industry, we continue exploring new territory to broaden the application of visual storytelling. Passion for aesthetic and narrative development remains vibrant and like most good stories is fueled by a fiery curiosity about what's going happen next.